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YouTube has been the origin of the video sharing internet site, and several users and companies have converted their video to money generating machine while putting videos on YouTube site. YouTube discovered that hundreds of partners and individuals are now making almost six figure incomes through viral videos that have been posted on their site. Individuals and multi billionaire companies like Sony and Amazon do their merchandise advertisement on the YouTube site when user watching the viral videos. 

According to go-Digital Blog, Chris Brown and Sony generate viral profits while using other people’s work rather than suing them. “JK Wedding Entrance Dance”, this video is only the rare video which actually crowds a quantifiable increase in sales. There are several debates made after the video was released on YouTube that YouTube advertisement is not only the options for the owners to make more money but can advertised the video in a TV also generate more revenue as well.

I don’t think so anybody really knows the precise amount of money that generated by this viral video except YouTube, Sony and Amazon. Even if we ask to individuals who has created the video like this and shared on YouTube was not set out to make viral videos. If an individual really wants to create video for viral hits and put on social networks sites like YouTube, can now definitely get rewarded. Thanks to Social Networks Media.

When Social Media Networks was developed, the main purpose of networks was to share the information with friends and family, and stay connected with them. Now the main purpose of the social networks is to become selfishness and to get attention towards your creativity which can help you to gain popularity.  After receiving great manufactured success of the video “JK Wedding Entrance Dance”, now several companies has explained on their website about how to make viral videos. This is how the social networks got new direction. Now people became smart and start thinking to make viral videos and post on websites like YouTube to generate revenue. Their main intention is now to attract more audience through viral videos.


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Hi guys, this is Raj Kothari. This is my last semester at UAB to finish my BS Information System degree. I am exited to take this course to gain some knowledge about blogs posting, and by the way this my first blog also.
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6 Responses to Go-Digital Blog

  1. qjdavis says:

    It is interesting that people and companies can generate a profit just by posting viral videos. Many companies no turn to YouTube to put commercials or other information about their products on the internet. I wonder have companies came up with a way to know exactly how much profit social media brings them? With so many companies using social media to boost sales, they have to know whether or not it works right? This could possibly be a new field for businesses to explore. Great blog post by the way.

  2. Good post, however, I do not agree with you that the main purpose of social media is to encourage selfishness. The main purpose is still is to share information, but now the circle has grown to not only include family and friends, but everyone using that social network.

    When did getting money for your own efforts become selfish. That’s how a lot of businesses get started. Not for selfishness but for revenue. I do agree though those social networks also attract attention towards your creativity which in terms helps you gain popularity. But I also do not see anything wrong with that. Most people used to stalk music executives, CEO’s and other businesses to get a 5 minute meeting when all they have to do now is just post it on a social medium. These people range from wannabe singers, musical instruments players, pastors, and motivational speakers…the list is endless. This is just another way to market self. Good points though.

  3. I think social media has provided interesting avenues for people to express themselves. I think that YouTube is an awesome social media outlet and appreciate the different types of videos. YouTube has many videos ranging from tutorial to comedy. I agree with the above post from Charity in the fact that social media websites have given people the chance to express their creativity. If people benefit from their own creativity, the more power to them!

  4. Lauren Ann says:

    I have to disagree with your statement that all social media now is about being selfish. If you look at the most popular sites Twitter, and Facebook, although the companies are in it for money, most users join to keep in touch with their friends and family and share. I know there are many negative things and groups on the internet. I believe there is an inherent responsibility for all users to use the internet and its sites wisely but I think the internet does much more good than is seen. For instance, my mother is celebrating the one year anniversary of her kidney transplant. She found her kidney donor through an online site designed to match donors and recipients. There are many other sites I have contributed to such as support groups, advice forums, etc. The businesses and advertisers are definitely in it for selfish reasons, but we spend more time on the internet than anywhere else now so how else will they reach us. In the end, the internet is what we make it.

    • Thanks for comment Luaren. I agree with your last statement as well “The internet is what we make it”. I am glad that internet worked well in your mother case to find kidney. Congratulation to you and your family and have a wonderful life ahead.

  5. Thanks you’ll for taking your precious time to read my blog. I have really enjoyed reading your comments.

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