Fundamental of Resource Management (2010) 10th edition by DeCenzo & Robbins – Test Bank


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 I have a Test Bank of Fundamental of Resource Management (2010) 10th edition by DeCenzo & Robbins, ISBN: 978-0-470-55668-9″  available for study exercise. Usually, I can email it to you in very short period of time that does not include time range between 10.00 pm-7.00 am. I only except Paypal. So, please contact me through email about further information.

Attn: The file can be use only for case study purpose only.

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Customer Engagement Marketing Fever


Many kinds of organization whether it is a private or public, nonprofit and corporate are increasingly motivated to exploit social media. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or any social networks can propose benefits to an organization, but neglecting a customer engagement channel can lead to missed opportunity. Marketing is the department of an organization which is most interested for this channel. Since social media became widespread, marketers influence this channel for a variety of purposes to intermediate profit. According to Steve Olenski’s research and survey, better customer engagement is the biggest objective for marketers but there are still other goals are not seen equally desirable.


Statistics by Awareness, Inc., the analysis found that 78% of participants selected better customer engagement when requested to classify their ultimate marketing objectives for social media. The closest goal to customer engagement was increased revenue generation cited by 51% of respondents considered as top objectives, and then followed by better customer experience which was cited by 47% of participating marketers. This analysis seems somewhat backward. After all, the organizations’ main vision should be to increase revenue followed by increase in customer engagement, so logically that should be the biggest objective for marketers for any organization.

However, many industry experts have mentioned that social media is more valuable tool for relationship building, rather than only sales. Today majority organizations’ are using social media sites to find out consumer’s respond toward their brands. If the consumers are not happy about brands, the organizations try to improve quality or offer substitute products in order to maintain relationship. They are trying to satisfy consumer’s needs every way if it is possible. In other side, people don’t visit organizations’ social media sites to make purchases, but they want to know more about why organization exists and what it does for them.

Whether you are running mom-and-pop business, or running a big organization, you cannot neglect the use of social media as an essential part of your local internet marketing plan. Today, people are using the internet to search enterprises, recommendations, and new merchandises to try. If you are not using that power to your full advantage, you might be starting out losing some revenues. For example, Taco Bell using social media sites such as Facebook to introduce new product to customers. Recently Taco Bell has introduced new product called “Doritos Locos Tacos” on October 27, 2012 and they invited to public to try the product for free on October 30, 2012. Facebook link of Taco Bell: So, this is why Social Media is still important in order to maintain relationship with current customers and attract new potential customers to generate more revenue.  

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Go-Digital Blog




YouTube has been the origin of the video sharing internet site, and several users and companies have converted their video to money generating machine while putting videos on YouTube site. YouTube discovered that hundreds of partners and individuals are now making almost six figure incomes through viral videos that have been posted on their site. Individuals and multi billionaire companies like Sony and Amazon do their merchandise advertisement on the YouTube site when user watching the viral videos. 

According to go-Digital Blog, Chris Brown and Sony generate viral profits while using other people’s work rather than suing them. “JK Wedding Entrance Dance”, this video is only the rare video which actually crowds a quantifiable increase in sales. There are several debates made after the video was released on YouTube that YouTube advertisement is not only the options for the owners to make more money but can advertised the video in a TV also generate more revenue as well.

I don’t think so anybody really knows the precise amount of money that generated by this viral video except YouTube, Sony and Amazon. Even if we ask to individuals who has created the video like this and shared on YouTube was not set out to make viral videos. If an individual really wants to create video for viral hits and put on social networks sites like YouTube, can now definitely get rewarded. Thanks to Social Networks Media.

When Social Media Networks was developed, the main purpose of networks was to share the information with friends and family, and stay connected with them. Now the main purpose of the social networks is to become selfishness and to get attention towards your creativity which can help you to gain popularity.  After receiving great manufactured success of the video “JK Wedding Entrance Dance”, now several companies has explained on their website about how to make viral videos. This is how the social networks got new direction. Now people became smart and start thinking to make viral videos and post on websites like YouTube to generate revenue. Their main intention is now to attract more audience through viral videos.

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The Unselfish Gene – Benkler


From generations to generations it was belief that all the human beings are selfish. Most scientist, researchers and executives also believed that human beings are attracted in advancing their quantifiable benefits.

This belief has come to an end since modern evolutionary research in psychology, biology, sociology and other fields like economic had proven through evidence that human beings are far away from selfishness. Human tendency became more cooperative than before using several collaborative tools such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Craigslist, and other open source based software. Using this kind of tools human being becomes more productive to pursue community goal rather than his/her own selfishness goal.

Several businesses and organizations have accepted this approach to achieve reputation though motivating employee with effective and efficient way. This approach has helped to employees to build their career with organization as well. For example, Zappos allows their employees to have fun and friendly environment while working. Zappos allows employees to put their family and social pictures and cultural belonging to their desk. Zappos wanted their employees to get involves deeply in social networking fields, so employees have stress free environment and Zappos could get more customers through social networking.

In conclusion, researchers founded that communication, fairness, morality and motivation are the key elements which can help to reduce the selfishness in an individual to achieve desirable outcome for the entire community.

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CAI and how the web video powers the global innovation

This blog represents Chris Anderson video talk about how the web video powers the global innovation. Social media became crowded since last few years. Social media is all about gathering crowd, share knowledge, inspire them, and receive desirable outcome. In order to gather crowd and share knowledge in old days, we were using flyers and giving the news in printed version of newspapers, which takes quite bit of time. Now-a-days technology driven social media using web video made the reduced the distance and the time to share the knowledge and get the environment awareness in the people.

In this article and video streaming, Chris Anderson described about CAI (Crowd Accelerated Innovation). You may like to know what actually CAI is, am I right? According to, CAI explains as:

“New global communities [are] granting their members both the means and the motivation to step up their skills and broaden their imaginations. It is unleashing an unprecedented wave of innovation in thousands of different disciplines. In short, it is boosting the net sum of global talent. It is helping the world get smarter.”

“Innovation has always been a group activity.  Ideas spawn from earlier ideas, bouncing from person to person and being reshaped as they go.  That’s how ideas bump into other ideas, replicate, mutate, and evolve.”

“So Crowd Accelerated Innovation isn’t new. In one sense, it’s the only kind of innovation there’s ever been. What is new is that the Internet—and specifically online video—has cranked it up to a spectacular degree.”

Anderson’s video also tells the story about how different nation and different culture shared the variety of knowledge through video streaming media. For in his example the Japanese kid learn how to use dance technique (inspiration) using the YouTube video which created (innovated) by some user who is living in Detroit, USA. After learning and grasping the same dance technique, Japanese kid releases another video of his knowledge to the world. That video is view by some teenager living in California remixes (desires) and releases it again to the world. So, that’s how the innovation, inspiration and desire took place with several region of the world simultaneously.

There are some pros and cons about web video social media such as we know the earlier stages of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. When they were starting out, there were no popularity for the social media sites because lack of technology which shared the information digitally. Today think what you can’t do with social media sites. You can play games online, share photo albums to friends and family, play radio online, and by the way you can share information using blog as well. Having web video conference, we can have eye contacts, physical expression, and gesture of the person who is sitting online other side of globe. So, finally some cons about web video social media are to have right kind of technologies both the side of communication media to transmit and receive knowledge.

At last, the following couple of links could be the best bet to learn more about Crowd Accelerated Innovation (CAI):

Link 1:

Link 2:


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99 New Social Media Stats for 2012

I remember that I first sign up for Facebook in early 2006. I even didn’t know that time why I am opening account in Facebook. And today, all I know that I am glad that I did open Facebook account earlier which gives me lot of understanding and thinking about social media platform. 

Check it out the social media usage status “99 New Social Media Stats for 2012” posted by Cara Pring on May 10, 2012 on her website – Amazing fact can be found on this page about Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. I can’t imagine the life without social media now-a-days.


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First Blog Ever…

Welcome to my blog guys. This is my first blog ever. I will try to make it easy and readable for ou. You are more than welcome to leave any feedback regarding about any of my blog postings. Please check back with me later for latest postings. 

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